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Mia Khalifa on OnlyFans, Modesty, and Her High Fashion Era

Mia Khalifa on OnlyFans, Modesty, and Her High Fashion Era

In a candid interview with El Pais, Mia Khalifa opens up about her journey in sex work, her safe space on OnlyFans, and her evolving approach to modesty and high fashion.

Mia Khalifa is no stranger to public scrutiny due to her brief stint as an adult entertainer, often encountering trolls and sex-negative individuals. Reflecting on her past, she stated, “I don’t recognize myself in that person. And I feel sorry for her, for where she was mentally and how little I loved and respected myself and how she tried to win the approval of others.”

When asked if porn was empowering, Mia emphatically responded with a “no.” However, her experience on OnlyFans has provided a new avenue for empowerment. On the platform, she takes her own unique approach, refraining from explicit content. “I do things my own way on there, there’s no nudity, I don’t do what people expect when they get on there. I post fun, beautiful pictures that make me feel empowered,” she explained. Additionally, she finds power in blocking trolls and naysayers, stating, “It also makes me feel powerful to block people who say rude things to me. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to say no.”

Mia Khalifa remains steadfast in her refusal to conform to respectability politics. When questioned about her more modest appearance, she clarified that she doesn’t like to label it as “modest.” She believes it’s a matter of personal preference and acknowledges that societal and cultural backgrounds can create varying pressures and barriers for women. She also emphasizes that her choice not to engage in nudity on OnlyFans isn’t an attempt to position herself as superior to others. “I’m comfortable like that now,” she affirmed.

Regarding the possibility of posing nude again, Mia Khalifa remains undecided. She expresses concerns about the potential re-circulation of her previous nude photos but mentions feeling more confident and artistic in her recent work in Europe. She reflects on the comfort she finds in creating artful and non-overtly sexual content. Ultimately, she asserts that if someone sexualizes her work, it’s their issue, not hers.

Mia Khalifa’s journey is a testament to self-discovery, empowerment, and the freedom to express herself on her terms.

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