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Mind-Blowing Viral Video: Man Cycles Through NYC with Refrigerator on His Head

Man carries refrigerator on head while bicycling, viral video will blow your mind

In a shocking viral video circulating on social media, a man in New York City is seen skillfully biking down the streets while balancing a refrigerator on his head. This incredible feat has garnered immense attention and admiration from viewers worldwide.

The video, originally shared by @barstoolsports, showcases the man’s extraordinary abilities and has left many astounded. A caption on the video humorously declares him to have the “strongest neck in the world,” highlighting the sheer awe-inspiring nature of his act.

Reactions from viewers:

  • “This can’t be real? That’s insane.”
  • “That’s some next-level skill with necks.”
  • “Wish my relationship was as strong as his neck.”
  • “His girlfriend must be proud.”
  • “No way!!!! I’m going to see if I can lift my stove.”
  • “NYC is not a real place.”
  • “How brain freeze started.”
  • “The circus needs to recruit this man ASAP.”
  • “A transport car with a head.”
  • “Seems to be defying the basic laws of physics.”

The video has already amassed an impressive 248,470 likes and garnered a wide range of hilarious and astonished comments. While some applaud the man’s extraordinary skill, others remain skeptical about the video’s authenticity.



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